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New Perspectives on the Economic History of Central, East and South-East Europe 1800 to the Present

International Conference
Dates: 19-20 May 2016
Location: Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg

Breaking the Ice of Frozen Conflicts? Understanding Territorial Conflicts in East and Southeast Europe.

Fourth Annual Conference of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies.
Dates: From 30 June to 2 July 2016 
Location: Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg

Path Dependencies in Economic and Social Development: Institutions, Behavior, and Outcomes

8th Joint IOS / APB / EACES Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe.
Dates: June 15-17, 2016
Location: Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing on Lake Starnberg near Munich
Call for papers
Online application form
Deadline for applications: April 1, 2016

From Homo Sovieticus to Citizen. Dimensions of Societal Change in Ukraine

Interdisciplinary German-Ukrainian Summer School
Date: September 11–21, 2016
Location: Ukraine (Černivci and Dnipropetrovsk)
Call for participation
Deadline: March 7, 2016

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IOS Gastwissenschaftler/innen sind für einen bestimmten Zeitraum am Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung und arbeiten eng mit IOS Wissenschaftler/innen an gemeinsamen Projekten zusammen.


Prof. Dr. Roman Horváth Prof. Dr. Roman Horváth
Deputy Director, Associate Professor, ČSOB Corporate Chair, Head of the Department of European Economic Integration and Economic Policy, Charles University, Prague
Forschungsthema: "Trade Patterns and the Rule of Law. Natural Resources, Institutions and Economic Growth in Post-Soviet Countries".
Zeitraum: 1. Februar 2016 bis 19. Februar 2016

Kristina Popova, PhD Kristina Popova, PhD
SouthWest University “Neofit Rilsky” Blagoevgrad, Associated Professor for Bulgarian History
Forschungsthema: “Governing the Physiology of the Soul: Implementations of the ‘Pavlov’s Session’ about ‘The Further Flourishing of the Pavlov’s Doctrine about the High Nervous Activity’ in Socialist Preschool Education in the 1950s”.
Zeitraum: 8. Februar 2016 bis 6. März 2016



Dr. Raul Carstocea Dr. Raul Carstocea
Senior Research Associate, the Conflict & Security Cluster at European Centre for Minority Issues
Forschungsthema: Redemptive Labour: Informal Work Practices of the Legionary Movement in Interwar Romania.
Zeitraum: 25.01.2015 bis 22.02.2015

Prof. Dr. Theodora Dragostinova Prof. Dr. Theodora Dragostinova
The Ohio State University, Department of History
Forschungsthema: „Communist Extravaganza: National Commemorations and Cultural Diplomacy in Late Socialist Bulgaria"
Zeitraum: 22.6.2015 bis 4.7.2015

Adrian Grama Adrian Grama
Central European University, Department of History; Graduate Student
Forschungsthema: The Labour Question in Postwar Romania (1944-1954)
Zeitraum: Januar 2015 bis Mitte April 2015

Dr. Julia Herzberg  Dr. Julia Herzberg
Historisches Seminar Albert‐Ludwigs‐Universität Freiburg
Forschungsthema: „Frost: Kälte als kulturelle Herausforderung in Russland"
Zeitraum: 1. August 2015 bis 31. August 2015

Ivan Jeličić Ivan Jeličić
Zeitraum: 02.03.2015 bis 02.06.2015

Prof. Dr. Árpád von Klimó Prof. Dr. Árpád von Klimó
Humboldt-Stipendiat, The Catholic University of America, Department of History
Forschungsthema: „The Novi Sad massacre of 1942 and the debates about WWII and the Holocaust in Hungary until 1989"
Zeitraum: 2. Juli 2015 bis 31. Juli 2015

Prof. Dr. Evžen Kočenda Prof. Dr. Evžen Kočenda
CERGE, Karls-Universität Prag
Forschungsthema: The Impact of Ownership, FDI and Trade on Performance of Firms in the EU
Zeitraum: 2. Februar 2015 bis 22. Februar 2015

Jaanika Meriküll, PhD Jaanika Meriküll, PhD
University of Tartu
Forschungsthema: Boom-Bust Cycle and Firm R&D Financing
Zeitraum: 15.01.2015 bis 29.01.2015

Małgorzata Mikucka, PhD Małgorzata Mikucka, PhD
Université catholique de Louvain, IACCHOS; Higher School of Economics, Russia, Laboratory for Comparative Social Research
Forschungsthema: Parenthood and life satisfaction. Russia in comparative perspective
Zeitraum: 01.03.2015 bis 14.03.2015

Vlad Pasca, Ph.D. Vlad Pasca, Ph.D. studies in History
Universität Bukarest
Forschungsthema: The Five-Year Plan 1971-1975 in Socialist Romania. Decision-Making Between Technocratic Trends and Political Imperatives
Zeitraum: März 2015

Dr. Michał Pilc

Dr. Michał Pilc
Poznań University of Economics and Business
Forschungsthema: Arbeitsmärkte und Institutionen des Arbeitsmarktes.
Zeitraum: 9. November bis 4. Dezember 2015

 Dr. Gianfranco Tamburelli Dr. Gianfranco Tamburelli
Researcher and team leader at the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Rom
Forschungsthema: Legal and political relations between EU, Ukraine and Russia
Zeitraum: 06.07.15 – 31.07.15

Ondřej Vojtěchovský, Ph.D. Ondřej Vojtěchovský, Ph.D.
Filozofická Fakulta | Univerzita Karlova, Praha
Forschungsthema: Documentary Volume of the Yugoslav Neocominformist Movement in the 1970s.
Zeitraum: 01.03.2015 bis 29.03.2015

Prof. Andrei Yakovlev Prof. Andrei Yakovlev
Director of the Higher School of Economics Institute for Industrial and Market Studies, Moscow
Forschungsthema: „Constructing a New Society from the Top: Communist Beliefs and Their Influence on Success and Failure of the Soviet Union".
Zeitraum: 11.10.2015 bis 31.10.2015