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Epistemologies of In-Betweenness: East Central Europe and the World History of Social Science, 1890-1945.

Datum: 29.–30. Mai 2015
Ort: Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg
Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2014
Call for Papers

Migration in and out of East and Southeast Europe: Values, Networks, Well-Being

Dritte Jahrestagung des IOS.
Datum: 2.–4. Juli 2015
Ort: Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg
Deadline for paper proposal submissions: January 18, 2015
Call for papers

Summer Academy 2015: Openness, Institutions, and Development

7th Joint IOS/APB/EACES Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe.
Date: July 27–29, 2015
Location: Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing on Lake Starnberg near Munich
Submission deadline: April 15, 2015.
Call for Papers

13. Januar 2015

Trade, the Vertical Production Process, and Causality

Ein Vortrag von Stephan Huber und Binh Nguyen Thanh (Universität Regensburg) im Rahmen der Seminarreihe des AB Ökonomie am IOS.
Datum: Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015
Zeit: 13.30 Uhr
Ort: IOS Regensburg, Raum 109

The integration of many countries into the EU has brought with it a remarkable disintegration of the production process, in which manufactured intermediate products from abroad are reassembled with goods produced at home. Empirical evidence on the causal interrelationship of trade in parts, components, and final goods is missing. Since now, no categorization scheme allows to distinguish trade in parts, components, and final goods. A scheme from experts of the German Engineering Association (VDMA) allows us to eliminate this disadvantage for manufacturing goods using highly disaggregated COMEXT bilateral trade data.
We find, among others, imports of parts and components to be causal for the export of final goods in many countries.