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Seminarreihe des Arbeitsbereichs Ökonomie am IOS

Zeit: Dienstag, 13.30–15.00 Uhr
Ort: Leibniz-Institut für Ost-und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS), Landshuter Str. 4 (Raum 109)
Programm Sommer 2018

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21. November 2017

Real Effects of the Removal of Government Guarantees in the Banking Sector: The Case of the German Guarantor's Liability

Ein Vortrag von Christa Hainz (ifo-Institut) im Rahmen der Seminarreihe des AB Ökonomie am IOS.
Datum: 21. November 2017
Zeit: 13.30 Uhr
Ort: WiOS, Landshuter Str. 4 (Raum 109)

This paper studies the effects of government guarantees on firms’ perceived financing situation for investments by analysing the removal of the guarantor’s liability in the German banking sector in 2001. As the policy change only affected public banks, we employ a difference-indifferences analysis in order to identify effects on firms being customers of public banks as opposed to firms being affiliated with private banks. The paper uses survey data for the period 1998 to 2007, obtained from the ifo Investment Survey. Our results indicate that on average, corporate customers of public banks perceived a deterioration in their financing possibilities after the removal of the public guarantee.