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Doppeltagung (Regensburg, Marburg):

Bilder und Sprachen von Not, Gewalt und Mobilisierung. Das östliche Europa nach 1918 in medialen Repräsentationen

Call for papers

1. Tagung: Der Nachkrieg
IOS Regensburg 12.–13. April 2018

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A large collection of historical newspapers (with more than 250 titles) is available to users in the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies' library, including a variety of newspapers published by German minorities in Southeast Europe during the interwar period. Some of the copies are only available at this library. Many titles from the period from 1950 to 2000 are also available for perusal, including the leading daily newspapers from the Socialist states of Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. These documents are available to users as source texts for studying the contemporary history of Southeast Europe. In this way, the library is also an important research institution for external scholars. A large part of the collections that is unprotected by copyright is being digitized as part of the project „German-Language Periodicals from Central and East Europe. The Virtual Consolidation of Scattered Collections“.

Selection of Newspapers of the German Minority
Banater Deutsche Zeitung [Banate German Newspaper] (Temeschburg) 1936 to 1939
Banater Tageblatt [Banate Daily Newspaper] (Temeschburg) 1937 to 1938
Belgrader Nachrichten [Belgrade News] 1916 to 1917
Deutsche Presse [German Press] (Neusatz) 1937 to 1938
Deutsche Stimmen [German Voices] (Pressburg) 1935 to 1945
Deutsche Tageszeitung [German Daily Newspaper] (Hermannstadt) 1936 to 1939
Deutscher Volksbote [German People’s Herald] (Budapest) 1935 to 1944
Deutsches Volksblatt [German People’s Newspaper] (Neusatz) 1936 to 1939
Deutsches Volksblatt [German People’s Newspaper] (Tarutino) 1936 to 1939
Donaukurier [Danube Courier] (Budapest) 1936 to 1939
Gottscheer Zeitung [Gottschee Newspaper] (Gottschee) 1935 to 1960
Karpathenpost [Carpathian Post] (Kesmark) 1937 to 1938
Marburger Zeitung [Marburg Newspaper] (Marburg an der Drau) 1882 to 1920
Siebenbürgisch-deutsches Tageblatt [Transylvanian-German Daily Newspaper] (Hermannstadt) 1883 to 1941
Slawonischer Volksbote [Slavonic People’s Herald] (Osijek) 1936 to 1939
Südböhmische Volkszeitung [South-Bohemian People’s Newspaper] (Budweis) 1936 to 1938
Süd-Ost [South-East] (Hermannstadt) 1935 to 1939
Volk und Heimat [People and Homeland] (Budapest) 1936 to 1938
Volksruf [People’s Call] (Pantschewo) 1936 to 1938

Selection of Daily Newspapers:
Delo (Ljubljana) 1975 to 1997
Narodne novine (Zagreb) 1954 to 1999
Népszabadság (Budapest) 1956 to 2000
Nova Makedonija (Skopje) 1949 to 2000
Politika (Beograd) since 1933
Rabotničesko delo (Sofija) 1949 to 1990
România libera (Bucureşti) 1948 to 2002
Zëri i popullit (Tiranë) 1952 to 1996