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Doppeltagung (Regensburg, Marburg):

Bilder und Sprachen von Not, Gewalt und Mobilisierung. Das östliche Europa nach 1918 in medialen Repräsentationen

Call for papers

1. Tagung: Der Nachkrieg
IOS Regensburg 12.–13. April 2018

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Deadline für Referatsvorschläge: 31. Juli 2017

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The Institute for East and Southeast European Studies' library is involved in the following Virtual Specialist Libraries that are funded by the German Research Foundation:

ViFaOst Virtual Library Eastern Europe (ViFaOst)
ViFaOst is an interdisciplinary regional portal that offers the academically interested public a wide range of possibilities for research into East and Southeast Europe. Comprehensive search functions enable access to specialized academic information on the history, language, literature, politics and culture of East, East Central and Southeast European countries and regions. The content is academically relevant, and accessible according to international library standards. The Institute for East and Southeast European Studies' library supervises the Essays and Articles Database Eastern Europe, which currently comprises essays from 80 historical academic journals and numerous edited volumes.

IREON IREON – The International Relations and Area Studies Gateway
IREON is an interdisciplinary gateway for literature research in specialist databases. It offers bibliographic references in the fields of political sciences, economics and regional studies as well as related fields such as international law, climate science or cultural studies insofar as they have an impact on the international system. Thematically, the range of subjects on offer focuses on the areas of foreign, security, economic and development policies throughout the world. Subject-related research is supported by the indexing of the contents of all references through keywords and/or abstracts. Within the German Information Network, consisting of 12 institutions that do the groundwork for the specialist database, the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies' library is responsible for the region of Southeast Europe.