01.–03.02.2018, Tartu
Voice without motivation. The extension of the passive/impersonal form of the verb to active contexts in Eastern Finnic and Northwestern Russian.
Invited talk at the conference Grammar of Non-standard Varieties in the East of the Circum-Baltic Area. University of Tartu

15.09.2017, Helsinki
The fate of mood and modality in language death: Evidence from Minor Finnic.
Invited talk at the meeting of Société Finno-Ougrienne

23.–25.08.2017, Helsinki
On the scope properties of the Finnic Conditional.
The Expression of Knowledge: Epistemicity and Beyond. A conference organized by the Linguistic Association of Finland, Research Project Evidego and the University of Helsinki

21.–23.06.2017, Munich
Language contact, language death, and linguistic theory. 24. LIPP-Symposium Sprachen im Kontakt: gestern - heute - morgen

17.–21.08.2015, Oulu
Grammatical redundancy in receding Finnic: Central Lude, Ingrian, Votic, Eastern Seto. XII International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies

05.–07.03.2014, Marburg
(with Kasper Boye) Complementizer semantics in European languages. 36. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft

29.10.2013, Copenhagen
On the behavior of Mood-and-Modality in language death: evidence from minor Finnic
Invited talk at the regular meeting of the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen

16.–20.09.2013, Budapest
Linguistic diversity and transnationalism.
Summer School of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies: Area Studies in a Globalized World. New Approaches and Concepts

06.–08.06.2013, Tartu
On mood and modality in language death: Evidence from Finnic.
Grammar and Context 2013

07.–08.03.2013, Tartu
(with Eva Saar and Miina Norvik) Kesklüüdi murre 21. sajandi alguses. [Central Lude in the beginning of the 21st century.]
Läänemeresoome keeled, kultuurid ja kohavaim [Finnic languages, cultures, and genius loci]

28.–29.10.2011, Copenhagen
Semantic functions of complementizers in Finnic (Estonian, Finnish, Karelian).
LANCHART Workshop on Semantic Functions of Complementizers in European Languages

5.11.2010, Tartu
(with Liina Lindström and Ellen Niit) Mis see olgu? Ühest küsilausetüübist. [Mis see olgu? A type of interrogative sentences.]
Muutuva keele päev [Changing Language Day]

06.–10.09.2009, Edinburgh
(with Virve Vihman) System versus syncretism: verbal derivation and lability in Estonian. LAGB 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Meeting

03.–05.04.2009, Thessaloniki
Labile verbs in Estonian.
19th International Symposium of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.

21.–26.07.2008, Seoul
Interactions between evidential grammemes and lexical markers of epistemicity and evidentiality.
Congreés International des Linguistes 18

15.–16.11.2006, Nijmegen
(with Johan van der Auwera and Alice Vittrant) Acquisitive modals.
TAMTAM: Cross-Linguistic Semantics of Tense, Aspect, Modality

20.05.2006, Leuven
Types of grammatical evidentials in the languages of the Balkan and Baltic linguistic areas.
Annual Conference of the Belgian Linguistic Society

07.–10.09.2005, Valencia
(with Reeli Torn) Modals in Finnic.
38th Annual Conference of Societas Linguistica Europea