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European Rust Belts. West-East Comparisons – and Beyond

International Conference, Regensburg, 7-8 May 2020
Call for Papers
Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2019

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Tillmann Tegeler, M.A.

Head Department of Library and Electronic Research Infrastructure


Tel: 0941-943-5482


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Tillmann Tegeler studied East and Southeast European history, medieval history and Slavic studies in Munich and Moscow. In 2000 he graduated with a master's degree. In the same year he started working at the library of the Osteuropa-Institut Munich, in 2004 also at the Südost-Institut. With the relocation of the two institutes to Regensburg in 2007, he became head of the libraries; since 2012 he is head of the Department of Library and Electronic Research Infrastructure.