Key indicators Labor Market Institutions (EU15; EU12; WB6; CIS12 | 1995-2010, table) xls (Employment protection; Expenditures for labour market policy, total; Expenditures for labour market policy, active measures; Expenditures for labour market policy, passive measures; Strikes and lockouts; Minimum wages; Social security program for unemployment; Sanctions applied when activation or job offers are refused / repeatedly rejected by the unemployed or in case of self-induced resignation from jobs)

Unemployment benefit schemes (EU10|2010, table) pdf

OECD indicators on employment protection (EU27|2008, table) xls

Trade union density (OECD | 1960-2008, table) xls

Minimum wages at current prices in national currency (EU27|2000-2010, table) xls

Wage and Inequality Related Indicators:

Wages-Low pay (EU27; WB6; CIS12|2010, table) xls

Minimum relativ to average wages of full-time workes (EU27|2000-2009, table) xls

Minimum nominal monthly wages pay (EU27; WB6; CIS12 | 1995-2009, table) xls

Minimum Wage (EU28; WB5; CIS12|2007-2012), table xlsx

Employing Workers (EU28; WB5; CIS12|2013), table xlsx

Employment Protection Regulations (EU28; WB5; CIS12|2006-2013), table xlsx

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