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European Rust Belts. West-East Comparisons – and Beyond

International Conference, Regensburg, 7-8 May 2020
Call for Papers
Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2019

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Key indicators Population (EU15; EU12; WB6; CIS12|1995-2010, table) xls
Total population; Population growth; Child dependency ratio; Elderly dependency ratio; Population density; Immigrants; Emigrants.

Remittances (EU10|2004-2008, Report) pdf

Remittances (CIS12|2004-2008, Report) pdf

Foreign population and net migration rate (CIS12|1950-2019, table) xls

Crude birth rate (EU27; WB6; Turkey|1960-2010), table xls

Fertility rate (EU27; WB6; Turkey|1960-2010), table xls

Mortality rates (EU27; WB6|1995-2010), table, figure xls

Total population (EU27; WB6; Turkey|1960-2010), table xls

Population aged 65 and over (EU27; WB6; turkey |1960-2010), table xls

Healthy life years (EU27; WB6|2008-2010), table, figure xls

Life Expectancy (EU28; WB5; CIS12|1990-2011), table xlsx

Religious Affiliation (EU28; WB5; CIS12|2010), table xlsx