Summer Semester 2016
Childhood in East and West: Approaching Poverty, Ethnicity and Gender in 19th and 20th century Europe, Regensburg University, (BA seminar)

Winter Semester 2015/16 Health, the Body and Gender in (Eastern) Europe’s Twentieth Century, Regensburg University, (MA seminar)

Winter Semester 2014/15 The Politics of Reproduction, Framing Interactions in Socialist Societies, Regensburg University (Lecture/Seminar in an E-learning course)


Foundations in Critical Gender Studies, CEU Fall 2012-2013

The Social History of State Socialism in Central Eastern Europe. Comparative Perspectives, CEU Winter 2011-2012

Interdisciplinarity and Intersectionality in Women's and Gender Studies, CEU Fall 2011-2012

Introduction to Gender Studies (Foundations in Gender Studies; Women's Movements, Women's Activism and Feminisms, 19th and 20th Century: A Global Historical Perspective; Research-based analytical writing in the field of Gender Studies)

Roma Access Program, Open Society Institute and Special Extension Program, CEU 2010-2011, 2011-2012