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Doppeltagung (Regensburg, Marburg):

Bilder und Sprachen von Not, Gewalt und Mobilisierung. Das östliche Europa nach 1918 in medialen Repräsentationen

Call for papers

1. Tagung: Der Nachkrieg
IOS Regensburg 12.–13. April 2018

Eine ausführliche Beschreibung der Tagung und des CfP finden Sie hier.

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Forthcoming events

1) Conferences and Workshops

International Workshop “Dynamics of geopolitical landscapes in Central Asian studies: new avenues for research” organized at Leibniz Association Office in Brussels, Brussels, 4 November 2016 

International conference in cooperation with the International Institute for Asian Studies (the Netherlands), the Far Eastern Federal University (Russia) and the National Institutes for the Humanities (Japan) “Around the Changbai Mountains. A Seminar on the narratives of the ethnic groups in Northeast Asia”, Vladivostok (2016)

International Seminar “Transnational Religious and Ideological Influences in Modern Central and Inner Asia” (2015)

International Conference “Changing Patterns of Power in Historical and Modern Central and Inner Asia” organised by International Unit for Central and Inner Asia Studies (IUCIAS) supported by IOS, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University, and Ulaanbaatar University, Ulaanbaatar (2014)

International Seminar “Knowledge production and knowledge transfer in and on Central and Inner Asia” organised by International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University, International Unit for Central and Inner Asia Studies supported by IOS and Ulaanbaatar University, Ulaanbaatar (2014)

Volkswagen Foundation Summer School: “Environmental Economics for Central Asia and the Caucasus – Foundations and First Empirical Applications” (2014)

DAAD Summer School: “Modernization and Conflict in Central Asia“ (2014) organized in cooperation with the Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg (Dr Sebastian Schiek) and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Workshop "Environmental Governance in Central Asia and the Caucasus” organized in cooperation with Volkswagen Foundation, 27 October 2013


2) Lectures at IOS (selection)

“Migration of household members and the level of school enrollment of children who stay behind in Tajikistan” by Viktor Cebotari (Maastricht University and United Nations University, Maastricht), 22 March 2016

“Agricultural development traps in Central Asia” by Martin Petrick (IAMO Halle), 19 January 2016

 “Human Rights Protection in Central Asia” by Anastassiya Miller (the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the Rule of Law), 25 November 2015

“Economic reforms in late Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia, 1980-1990s (on the example of Osh oblast)” by Irina Morozova (IOS), 12 May 2015

“Forced Marriage and Birth Weight: The Consequences of Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan” by Susan Steiner (Universität Hannover), 5 May 2015

“The debate on progress, social order and economy and the rise of new inequalities in Central Asia, 1970-90s” by Irina Morozova (IOS), 30 November 2014

 “Tajik labour migration and their remittances. Is Tajik migration pro-poor?” by Kazuhiro Kumo (University of Oxford and Hitotsubashi University), 29 October 2013


3) Regensburg Central Asian Studies Lecture Series new

To start in 2017!

The program will be announced in due time