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Call for papers: The economics of populism: Drivers and consequences

13th Joint IOS/APB/EACES Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe.
Dates: July 5–7, 2021
Location: Location: Tutzing, Lake Starnberg, Germany. Should the pandemic prohibit an offline meeting, the event will be organized in an online or mixed format.
Call for papers
Submission deadline: April 30, 2021.

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2. Februar 2021

Climate variability, female empowerment, and household employment decisions

Ein Vortrag von Vladimir Otrachshenko (Zentrum für internationale Entwicklungs- und Umweltforschung [ZEU], Justus Liebig University Giessen) im Rahmen der Seminarreihe des AB Ökonomie am IOS.
Datum: 2. Februar 2021
Zeit: 13.30 Uhr
Ort: Online via Zoom, Anmeldung

This paper examines the role of female empowerment in building the resilience to climate change in urban and rural areas. Using a novel household survey data from Uzbekistan, a developing country in Central Asia, we focus on the impact of climate variability on household employment choices and analyze whether female empowerment mediates this impact. The findings suggest that rainfall variability in rural and urban areas leads to reallocation of labor from unemployment to business activities and temporary self-employment but does not affect the reallocation of labor from unemployment to regular employment. We show that the impact of climate variability is partially explained by female involvement in decision-making, e.g. into the planning of important family expenses, female labor market participation, or greater freedom in participation in social activities. This implies that traditional gender roles may make households in developing countries more vulnerable to adverse consequences of climate change, while female empowerment contributes to more resilient and sustainable development in the face of climate change.